1.26×1.18×0.66in Painted Panda Bamboo Leaves Furniture Knobs Gold Knobs for Dresser Cabinet Knobs Cupboard Drawer Kitchen Handles Pull Metal Fluorescence Set of 4

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The cost is $16.99
(as of Oct 25,2021 04:48:29 UTC – Details)

Detailed description
Size:1.26×1.18×0.66in(3.2×3.0x1.7 cm
Material:Black Alloy metal/crystal glass(surface)/Stainless steel screw
Shape: It has a round shape
Screws are 1.1×0.31(28×8 mm) in size
4 drawer knobs, 4 screws, and 8 screw washers are included in the packageTypically, it takes 9-20 days for your hand to reach youThe installation process
Make a through hole in the location where the handle will be installed using a 4.0 drill bit. Tighten the handle clockwise after inserting the screw into the through hole.

Beautiful design to decorate your house or business with a crystal glass surface
For your child’s safety, it’s made of alloyed metal. You’ll never have to worry about corrosion with stainless steel screws
It can store light energy when it receives natural light, daytime, ultraviolet light, and so on. It will be gently released in a luminous manner once the light is turned off. As a result, it can continue for hours in the dark or at night.
Simple to assemble, this wardrabe is excellent for drawer cupboard cabinets, closets, and dressers
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other pattern requirements.

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