Doing the Dishes is a Maven Moment

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I sometimes wish I had deep, double porcelain kitchen sinks like the ones we had in my childhood home. It was ideal for dishwashing. The drainboard top slid to cover one of the sinks or the other, allowing you to use one while the other soaked with dishes and pots. It was huge enough to soak large pans and a family’s numerous dishes throughout the day. Soaking the dishes and pots also cut down on the quantity of water and time it took to scrub and rinse them.

Attempting to is a bit difficult Water conservation is important That’s how it was in my apartment’s little kitchen sink. There won’t be much in there at once. Yet, I can save water by using a few classic tricks and procedures when I wash the dishes.

The first thing I do is scrape off as much food from the plates as possible. Then I may stack stuff in the sink, starting with the dirtiest. As a result, the water I use to wash moderately filthy goods, such as a coffee cup, can also be used to pre-wash more soiled items, such as a frying pan.

In addition, I put recyclable materials So they may benefit from this pre-wash, there’s no need to turn on the water simply to wash out a mayonnaise jar.

Mom had a terrific method for dealing with messes, such as a burnt-on roasting pan. She’d place the pan on the burner with just enough water to cover the residue, a drop of dish detergent, and then turn it down to a low heat. The stuck-on food was readily removed after she turned it off and the water had cooled.

I used to waste a lot of water by waiting until it was warm enough to wash the dishes before turning it off. Presently, I catch the running water in bottles and utilize it to water my houseplants, the street tree, or to presoak a stain.

Since I wash dishes every day, it serves as a constant reminder of how valuable clean water is and why I never want to let it go down the drain.

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