Epicurean EPI-BUTTER Cutlery Board Butter, Silver Epicurean EPI-BUTTER Cutlery Board Butter, Silver Epicurean EPI-BUTTER Cutler

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The cost is $14.99
(as of Oct 23,2021 05:01:19 UTC – Details)

Epicurean is a way of life, a reflection of our own and our clients’ own beliefs. Every Epicurean cutting board and kitchen item is created in an environmentally conscious manner with naturally renewable or recycled materials. Our items are well-designed, functional, and informal kitchen gadgets that go well almost any decor. Epicurean cutting boards, cooking tools, and utensils are now staples in the kitchens of both home cooks and seasoned chefs. We take pleasure in creating unique designs that are simple, utilitarian, and timeless. Excellent materials are carefully chosen to be both durable and environmentally friendly, resulting in long-lasting products that strike a balance between performance and environmental stewardship. Every Epicurean product is created in the United States, resulting in excellent employment and economic growth. Wood fiber composite, created with organic, eco-friendly components, gives our cutting boards their natural appearance and texture. Our special blend of mineral oil and beeswax is designed to repair, condition, preserve, and retain the sheen of any wood board, as well as our entire line of wood composite cutting boards and kitchen equipment. This butter-like substance is packaged in a 5 ounce tin with an applicator and was developed and manufactured in Minnesota.

5 oz. board butter with sponge applicator in retro tin; repairs and cures all types of wood boards and cutlery
Mineral oil helps to prevent drying and cracking, and the special blend of mineral oil and beeswax has a butter-like consistency
Beeswax aids in the preservation and enhancement of the shine of any wood product
100% food-grade safe product with no odor or taste; apply with applicator and wipe away excess
It works on bamboo, hardwood, wood composite, and all sorts of wood cutting boards, and it’s made in Minnesota

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