Natural Reed Curtain,Bamboo Roller Blinds,Sun-Shading Romanroll Up Shades,Retro Decorative Straw Curtain,Used for Indoor,Outdoor,Balcony,Can Be Customized Doovin Natural Reed Curtain,Bamboo Roller Blinds,Sun-Shading Romanroll Up Shades,Retro Decorative Straw Curtain,Used for Indoor,Outdoor,Balcony,Can Be Customized

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The cost is $14.28
(as of Oct 26,2021 20:39:44 UTC – Details)

Description of the product:
It does not prevent the line of sight, but it does block direct sunlight. The soothing sunshine pours in, enabling you to bask in nature’s baptism while enjoying a panoramic view of the surrounding surroundings and a pleasant living;
Natural reed curtains may be seen on doors, windows, and balconies all throughout the world. The rustic vintage design may be combined with a variety of different décor styles to create a fresh and natural ambiance, as well as a beautiful and comfortable area for you

Parameters of the product:
Reed Roller Blinds is a brand name for a type of roller blind
Pastoral in design
Size: width and height can be modified, with a width range of 50-150cm (20-60 inches) and a height range of infinite
Natural reed is the material of choice
Curtain and raising device are included
Decoration, shading and ventilation, and sun protection are all functions
Applicable scenarios: curtains, door curtains, partition curtains, background curtains, etc.

♥Product features:
Natural reed that is both healthy and environmentally friendly;
The decoration is lovely and rich, with a powerful presence
Hand-woven, sturdy, and long-lasting;
Privacy protection, shade and ventilation, shading and sun protection;
It is widely utilized, trendy, and adaptable
Accessories are included, and installation is simple

Please take note of the following:
About the size: Because it is manufactured by hand, there is a 13cm error, which is a usual occurrence;
Please remember that chromatic aberration may arise due to monitor and environment changes

Service after the sale:
If you have any issues regarding the product, please contact us at any time and we will do our best to assist you as soon as possible;

The first time it will be available is on March 31, 2021
Doovin is the manufacturer
B091F7W524, B091F7W524, B091F7W524, B091F7W52

Natural reed curtain: It is woven from high-quality reed poles, which are healthy and ecologically beneficial, with natural colors, exquisite craftsmanship, and is not easily broken, rustic vintage design, and adds a fresh and attractive natural ambiance to your house;
Elevating roller blinds: each curtain is fitted with a full lifting system that can raise or lower the reed curtain by drawing a rope according to personal demands, as well as control the intensity and ventilation of interior and outdoor light;
The reed curtain can be utilized in a variety of settings. It is commonly used in houses, hotels, tea rooms, exhibition halls, DIY projects, and other places as curtains, divider curtains, backdrop curtains, and roof curtains
Customized sizes: We provide curtains in a variety of sizes. If you can’t find the size you need in the size list, send us an email with the information.

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