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Let’s chat about how one can eliminate fruit flies naturally. You would possibly name them compost flies. No matter you name them, I wished to share the efficient pure methodology I’ve discovered for clearing your kitchen of this almighty pest.

I do know, I do know, you’re considering thrilling stuff, however fruit flies are a really actual drawback I face each summer time with out fail. And chances are high, by the truth that you’re studying this put up, one that you just face too, and also you want a option to rid your home of those pesky fruit flies.

Each summer time I really feel like I blink and my kitchen goes from fruit fly free, to internet hosting a swarm of a whole lot. A whole lot of fruit flies which can be multiplying in entrance of my very eyes.

What Are Fruit Flies And Why Are They A Drawback?

Fruit flies are scientifically often known as Drosophila melanogaster, however we’ll hold to the easy fruit fly time period right here!

I’ve discovered from the Berg Lab that feminine fruit flies can lay as much as round 400 eggs. These eggs hatch inside 12 to fifteen hours and these can go from egg to grownup in simply seven days. What’s extra, females grow to be receptive to courting males about 8–12 hours after rising from the egg.

Principally, blink and also you’ve acquired a fruit fly drawback earlier than you even understand it!

how to get rid of fruit flies from your kitchen naturally

The best way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies From Your Kitchen

Be Aware of The place You Retailer Your Fruit

If in case you have a fruit fly infestation then an open fruit bowl isn’t at all times the very best place to retailer fruit. Think about using the fridge for fruit that can retailer properly within the fridge (beware, not all fruit likes the fridge). Fruit flies like larger temperatures, and might’t reproduce within the chilly.

Don’t go away lower or spoiling fruit or greens, fruit salads, fruit juices, jams, jellies, pickles, and so forth., uncovered in open containers. Pop them in tubs or glass jars, and put them straight into the fridge.

Take away Rotting Fruit and Greens As Shortly As Doable

Rotting fruit and greens are very best breeding teams for fruit flies. Be aware of what’s in your fruit bowl, and verify there isn’t any spoiled fruit within the backside of your fruit bowl.

Test greens corresponding to potatoes and onions, which needs to be saved in cabinets, and never within the fridge. There may very well be one rotten potato or onion on the backside of the bag, which might be sufficient to help an enormous colony of fruit flies.

Hold Sides Clear

Wiping up meals spills from counter tops shortly, particularly sugary meals like jams and ketchups and fruit juices, are very important within the combat in opposition to fruit flies.

Hold Your Compost Caddy Coated & Empty Often

Preserving the lid in your compost caddy is significant when you may have a fruit fly infestation. Attempt putting one thing heavy on prime of it, to restrict any entry to the fruit flies.

I like to recommend emptying your compost caddy often if you find yourself bothered by fruit flies. I attempt to empty my caddy no less than twice a day. Washing it out often can be key within the combat in opposition to the fruit fly.

How To Make a Fruit Fly Lure

If the above steps aren’t making a dent within the variety of fruit flies in your kitchen, then think about this it’s time to drag out the pure traps. I discover these key in how one can eliminate fruit flies.

What You Want

  • An empty bottle
  • A small quantity of beer, wine, or vinegar (sufficient to cowl an inch or so of the underside of the beer bottle)
  • One squirt of washing up liquid

Merely add some beer, leftover wine, or vinegar into an empty bottle. One with a slender neck works greatest – like a beer bottle, add the washing up liquid, and Bob’s your uncle.

The alcohol or vinegar tempts the fruit flies in with its stale sweetness, and the washing up liquid cleaning soap decreases the floor pressure of the liquid. When the fruit flies fly in to analyze the irresistible stale odor, the flies are instantly immersed and might’t escape.

I actually hope this helps rid you of your fruit fly drawback!

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