Tissaj Twin XL Size Bed Sheets Set -100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton -500 Thread Count -3 Piece Bedding -1 Pillow Cover, Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet Fits Mattress 16 Inch Deep Pocket -Long Staple–Rose Tissaj Twin XL Size Bed Sheets Set -100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton -500 Thread Count -3 Piece Bedding -1 Pillow Case, Flat Sheet & Fitted

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Tissaj is a modern-day company dedicated to providing consumers with practical, smart-home basics that they can use every day. We bring you cutting-edge consumer products that are useful in everyday life at exceptionally low rates and of the highest quality. Our items include anything from bed linen to home organization. Premium Luxurious Bed Linens, Automatic Water Dispensers, Vacuum Storage Bags, Manicure Kits, Laundry Bags, Vegetable Storage Bags, Table Place Mats, Smart Water Bottles, and much more are among the products available.

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Around nighttime, the finest memories are created. Our luxury bed sheets are created with extremely long staple fibers and are made in an environmentally friendly manner. They have a 500 thread count and are made in a silky smooth sateen weave for a luxurious feel. The Tissaj Premium Sheet Sets are a vibrant collection that includes a Flat Sheet with a 4″ Top Hem, a Fitted Sheet with all-around elastic, and two Pillowcases with 4″ Top and Reverse Hems. Instead of chlorine, we use Ethical, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – certified colors. Chemicals and pesticides used in conventional cotton can leach into lakes and rivers, harming them. Fish, birds, and other animals are all affected when the water becomes poisoned. Due to the lack of harsh chemicals, the sheets are hypoallergenic and breathable. Our sheets are created ethically and organically by Indian farmers using natural, environmentally friendly products.

This set will immediately improve the feel of your whole bed, as it is meticulously constructed from the popular, very soft fabric. Each set is subjected to a thorough quality examination. If you want perfectly crisp pillow cases, a perfectly fitted inner sheet, and an ultra smooth and buttery soft upper flat sheet, the Tissaj Premium Bed Sheet Set is for you. They are available in six sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King, as well as five colors: Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray, Navy Blue, and Ice Blue

80s compact80s compact

Compact Yarn Thread from the 1980s

The smoother and lighter the textiles spun by finer threads are. We only use premium compact yarns that are smoother and finer than regular yarns. We use the best organic compact yarns available for cotton bed sheets from the 1980s, making them exceptionally luxurious, smooth, and fine.

500 TC500 TC

Single Ply Yarn with 500 Thread Count

The number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch is referred to as thread count. The greater the thread count, the softer the sheet and the more likely it is to wear well–and even soften–over time. Our sheet sets have a 500 thread count and are composed of single ply yarn for increased strength and softness. Manufacturers frequently misrepresent thread counts quoted as 500 in order to deceive buyers. Not only do they count each thread, but they also count each ply spun together inside each thread. Our sheets are nothing less than the greatest, thanks to the high-quality yarns we employ.

XL staple fiberXL staple fiber

Staple Fibers With Extremely Long Staples

To produce finer, longer, and smoother yarns, Tissaj solely uses extra long staple fibers. Longer staple fibers, like cotton, are the greatest because garments created with them fray, pill, wrinkle, and fade less than fabrics made with their shorter-staple counterparts. Long-staple cotton sheets will last longer and provide a more pleasant night’s sleep for many years.

SIngle Ply yarnSIngle Ply yarn

Yarn with just one ply

For exceptional levels of quality, durability, and softness, our sheets are Single Ply sheets woven utilizing a single thread with long staple cotton fibers. Our sheets become softer and more glossy as a result of this. Because our sheets are made of single ply yarn, you may notice a softer overall feel and less obvious stitch definition

80s compact80s compact

500 TC500 TC

XL staple fiberXL staple fiber

SIngle Ply yarnSIngle Ply yarn


16″ Deep Pocket

When we buy sheet sets, one of the biggest issues that we face is ill fitted sheets. Our gorgeous fitted sheet has a deep pocket of 16” so it can fit a mattress up to 15” comfortably and it also has a smart bottom tag for a stress free fit.

Fitted Sheet

Splendid Fitted Sheet


Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray, Navy Blue, Ice Blue

Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray, Navy Blue, Ice Blue

Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray, Navy Blue, Ice Blue

Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray, Navy Blue, Ice Blue


Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Queen, King, California King

Twin / Twin Xl, Full / Queen, King / California King

Standard, Large

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC COTTON – These 100% organic cotton bed sheets set are GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO TEX Standard 100 assures a bedding that’s nontoxic & chemical-free for your entire family. Enjoy breathable bed sheets which are naturally grown. These are Authentic and Certified by the highest body for being organic, ensuring your comfort and safety.
SOFT & SMOOTH – Our Sheets are of Sateen construction with extra-long staple organic cotton fiber. If you love the sheen and finish of a luxury hotel sheets then your search ends here, because life’s 33% of time is spent sleeping and that needs to be completely comfortable. We have made sure that all our sheets are absolutely flawless and smooth with our stringent quality checks. Wash in warm water separately, and tumble dry on low for long life quality.
PERFECT FIT – 15” DEEP POCKETS: Twin XL Fitted Sheets have a 15″ drop and 360º high quality 12mm elastic to fit the mattress all around perfectly ensuring a secure snug fit. A Flat Sheet is 67” x 97”, a Fitted Sheet measures 39” x 80” x 15”, and a Pillowcase measures 21” x 31”. For a hassle-free fit, this fitted sheet comes with a clever bottom tag.
ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Beautifully packed in a Self-Fabric Organic Cotton Bag for convenient storing and gifting. To be environmentally friendly, we made our packaging reusable. We are also concerned about our environment’s green component, so our packaging is recyclable.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our top priority is 100% customer satisfaction, so we’ve tightened up our quality controls to ensure you get the best sheets every time. We’ve cut out all the middlemen so you can get the greatest quality sheets at a reasonable price. ORDER RIGHT NOW!!!

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