TUOL1AO Natural Window Roller Blind – Bamboo Blinds, Partition Install, Roller Shades for Outdoor Gardens and Terraces (Color: Orange, Size: 50 x 140 cm (20 x 55 in)) TUOL1AO Natural Window Roller Blind – Bamboo Shades, Partition Install, Roller Shades for Outdoor Gardens and Terraces

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The cost is $61.82
(as of Oct 17,2021 19:50:19 UTC – Details)

Roman blinds made of bamboo will also look great. Roman bamboo blinds are composed of natural materials and can be used as privacy screens; they are simple to install and offer sun protection, heat insulation, and breathability
Bamboo roller blind is the name of the product
Size of the product: width * height (customizable)
70% shading rate
Natural bamboo is used to make this product
Handwork is the only way to make a product
Logs are the raw material for processing
Colors include orange, blue, green, and wood
Inside, outside, side, and top are all options for installation
Rainproof, sunscreen, shade, breathable, dustproof, and toughness are all features of this product.
Applicable objects: octagonal windows, bay windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc.
Applicable places: living room, reading room, restaurant, studio, shop, office, lounge, curtain partition, tea room, coffee shop, wall decoration, balcony, villa, etc.
Applicable scenarios: wall decoration, ceilings, curtains, partition walls, sun shades, etc.

TUOL1AO neatly cut, uniform thickness, no burrs, delicate texture, natural decoration, retro and elegant, beautiful appearance, reliable and durable.
Bamboo blinds come in four different hues. Bamboo is 100% translucent and will not darken the room
Hand-woven bamboo curtains with anti-corrosion, heat insulation, breathability, and sun protection properties that are smooth and burr-free
Bamboo curtains, which are both lovely and stylish, are used for door and window decorating as well as privacy screening
To modify the height, pull on the wire on the right side. To prevent agglomeration, wrap the wire around the safety clip

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