Warm Wood Spurtles Kitchen Set, 5 Piece Acacia Wooden Spoons For Cooking, Spurtles Kitchen Tools as Seen on TV, Wood Kitchen Utensils with Hanging Hole For Salad Stirring, Cake Making, And Pan-Fried Steak

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The cost is $19.99 - $13.99
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Detailed Product Information

spatulas for nonstick cookwarespatulas for nonstick cookware

Set of Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware


Do you worry that when a plastic cooking set comes into contact with hot food, it will leak dangerous elements into the food?

Are you concerned that your stainless steel kitchen spatula scrapes your nonstick pot every time you use it?

Do you frequently been enraged by kitchen basics that are difficult to clean because they have become clogged with food?

Are you looking for a practical and economical utensil set that can preserve both your health and your nonstick pot?

It’s time to make a set of OurWarm acacia wood spurtles for your kitchen!

cooking utensils set woodencooking utensils set wooden

Product Specification is a document that describes the features and specifications of a product

What Will You Get?Material: 100% Natural Acacia WoodColor: NaturalColor: NaturalColor: NaturalColor: NaturalColor: NaturalColor: NaturalColor: NaturalColor: NaturalCleaning and Maintenance : 1 x Large Spatula/1 x Slotted Spatula/1 x Medium Spatula/1 x Tiny Spatula

1st. Because each spatula is crafted of real Acacia wood, chromatic aberration is inevitable. I hope this makes sense.

2. Inventive+ phrasing. After cleaning, hang to dry and store in a dry, well-ventilated area.

3. If you’re looking for a. Cleaning new wooden products with clean water or a gentle cloth is recommended.

a. Vegetable oil may be used to clean the surface of wood goods for long-term usage and protection.

Medium Spatula: 11in x 2.05in Large Spatula: 13in x 2.09in Slotted Spatula:12in x 2.09in

Slender Spatula: 11in x 1.18in

Small Spatula:9in x 2.05in

acacia wood utensilsacacia wood utensils


wooden cooking utensils setwooden cooking utensils set

Creating a Hanging Hole

The user-friendly design makes storage easy, and the hanging hole helps you save room. It can also be put in any container or drawer you like.

Scratch-Proof & Heat-Resistant

With quality natural materials and superb workmanship, it has great heat resistance and won’t melt like silicon or rubber when stirring in a hot pot or soup, and it won’t scratch the pot while cooking.

Set of Unusual Wood Spurtles

A natural grain pattern, finely curved shape, and one-piece construction distinguish the spoon spatula set. The wood and your cookware are both protected by the smooth surface, which is polished with natural oil.

spurtle kitchen utensilsspurtle kitchen utensils

spurtle wooden kitchen utensil setspurtle wooden kitchen utensil set

utensil setutensil set

Separate the eggs, paint the butter, and combine the salad


Kitchen Set with Acacia Wood Spurtles

Wooden cooking tools with several functions are a must-have in the kitchen!

The multipurpose purposes of the wood kitchen tool set include combining, crushing, or mashing food, cooking, frying, baking, flipping, eating, mixing, and transporting.

-As an illustration:

Salad should be stirred

a mixture of cream and butter

Stir-fry your veggies

Bake a cake if you haven’t already

Ingredients that have been mixed together

Chicken egg that has been sifted

Combine the soup and pasta in a mixing bowl

Combine the batter and dough in a mixing bowl

Ladybug sauce is made with honey and ladybugs

Sticky foods, such as mashed potatoes, should be dug up

The specially constructed little head makes it easy to retrieve honey, sauce, cream, or jam from tiny jars without wasting it.

MULTIFUNCTION KITCHEN UTENSILS SET – Includes 5 spatulas in various sizes to cover practically all of your culinary needs: 13.8-Inch Slotted Spurtle, 13.8-Inch Spurtle, 11.4-Inch Medium Spurtle, 9.5-Inch Small Spurtle, and 10.1-Inch Slim Spurtle. Stir-frying, stirring, flipping, scraping, and crushing are all possible with these culinary equipment. Spurtle replaces all of your bulky cooking tools with a set of multifunctional utensils for everyday usage
SIMPLE TO CLEAN & STORE – The spurtles kitchen instruments are smooth enough to clean in a nonstick pan with hot water and a neutral detergent. To clean the color bars, simply wash them by hand in warm soapy water and then dry them. If anything becomes stuck on our spoon, just soak it in water for 5 minutes before cleaning it. To avoid cracking, oil them when they feel dry. Each wooden cooking tool has a hanging hole at the end to conserve space and keep your kitchen neat
Quality Acacia wood has a greater density than plastic or bamboo, is naturally lightweight, robust and heat-resistant, will not scratch or damage your favorite non-stick cooking utensils, and makes no noise while cooking. To guarantee that you and your family are safe while using it, it is free of dangerous coatings. The wood and your cookware are both protected by the smooth surface, which is polished with natural oil. They’ll be excellent kitchen companions
LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT DESIGN – The spatula set is naturally light, and the handle is ergonomically built. They are compatible with pots, pans, baking pans, and ceramic dinnerware and may be stirred, turned, scraped, and spread. Without producing food waste, the angular edges may be scraped to the corners of pots and plates. Great for pancakes, eggs, bacon, salmon, butter, cheese, and other dishes
ONE OF THE BEST GIFT – Beautifully crafted and packaged, these wooden cooking equipment will be a thoughtful present for a friend or family member who enjoys cooking on holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, May Day, and so on. These wooden tools will appeal to mothers and other ladies who like cooking. Bring you a great day that you will never forget

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